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The Magical Rotation of MOVA Globes: Science or Sorcery?

Date Posted: 2023-10-12
MOVA Globes often leave spectators in awe, their rotation is not a product of sorcery but rather a blend of innovative technology and natural forces. They employ solar cells and magnetic technology to achieve their mesmerizing rotation.
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At a Glance!

Key FactorsExplanation
Power SourceSolar cells inside the globe, no batteries required.
Rotation MechanismInteraction with Earth's magnetic field and internal magnets.
EnvironmentBest in ambient indoor light, not direct sunlight.
ConstructionTwo-layered with clear fluids in between.
MaintenanceMinimal; dusting and avoiding abrasive cleaners.

What makes MOVA Globes appear magical?

In my explorations with MOVA Globes, several fascinating factors came into play that can impact their rotation.


Light shining on MOVA Globe ILLUSTRATION
Light shining on MOVA Globe

MOVA Globes are solar-powered, making light crucial for their operation. The solar cells inside the globe convert light into energy, which powers the rotation. Fluorescent lighting, LED lights, and indirect sunlight are ideal sources. High-powered halogen lights are less recommended due to the heat they emit.

Earth's Magnetic Field

Earths Magnetic Field

This is where the magic truly happens. In my hands-on experience, the globe's rotation is greatly influenced by the Earth's magnetic field. An internal magnet interacts with our planet's natural magnetism, causing the globe to spin. I found that placing the globe near other metallic objects or electronics can interfere with this delicate balance.

Globe's Construction

Peering closely, a transparent outer shell that remains stationary, while the inner shell rotates. The space between the two contains clear fluids, adding to the illusion of magic. 


This fluid aids in the globe's continuous motion. Occasionally, there's a small "bubble" in the fluid, but it's completely normal and doesn’t affect the globe's function.

Maintenance and Care

In the time I've had my MOVA Globes, I've realized it requires minimal maintenance. A simple rinse with water and a wipe with a soft cloth keep it looking pristine. It's important to note that abrasive cleaners can damage the surface. Additionally, if there's a misalignment in the graphic of up to 3mm, it's part of the handcrafted nature of the globe and not a defect.


Finally, where you place your MOVA Globe matters. They are designed for indoor use and are sensitive to their surroundings. For example, I once placed my globe too close to another MOVA Globe, and it affected their rotation. Similarly, proximity to iron or metal objects can also disrupt their magical dance.

In conclusion, while MOVA Globes seem to blur the line between science and magic, their rotation is a testimony to human ingenuity, harnessing the powers of solar energy and Earth's magnetic field. Though it may seem like sorcery to the untrained eye, the science behind it is even more enchanting.

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